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| Smith Jones Solicitors

"Dr Brown is an exceptional GP expert on all counts. His impressive academic background combined with a broad range of experience makes him capable of dealing with a broad range of claims. He is fair and balanced. His service delivery is first class and he now has a number of venues nationally. Most importantly he understands the legal process (helped by a Degree in Law) and is able to deal with difficult issues clearly. He is building an equally impressive team around him." - Peter Jones

| Garwyn

"Dr Steve Brown provides an excellent swift medical review service which has impressed my Insurance company clients. I consider the service to be ideal for advancing personal injury claims to a conclusion. I would recommend the service to both Claimants and Defendants." - Keith Wise

| Smith Jones Solicitors

"I have used Steve Brown for a number of years on matters of all shapes and sizes. Steve is exceptionally helpful on claims of maximum severity: I have used him to report on paraplegic & tetraplegic clients and on one occasion a client in PVS. I like Steve's approach to reporting - he gives clear, concise and knowledgeable answers in plain English. I would (and do) turn to Steve for 'blueprint reporting'; i.e. taking a large case by the scruff of its neck and directing you to the main issues you need to explore. I practice Defendant and Claimant litigation and have no hesitation in using Steve for both disciplines. Steve adopts a WYSIWYG approach - What You See Is What You Get - you know the answers will be straight down the line and stand the scrutiny of Court. I like the fact that Steve handles all ranges of cases - small fast track to multi track. Steve is a 'Ronson' expert. He does exactly what is says on the tin. Reports are sensibly priced, always a help on assessment. Clients virtually without exception compliment Steve on his manner and attitude. A great expert." - Paul Nicholls

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