Personal Injury Claims

Both Dr Brown and Dr Thomas are experienced in providing reports for those injured as a result of an accident. They have provided reports for RTA , Employers Liability and Public Liability Claims.


Injuries can range from simple soft tissue injuries, through to more serious musculoskeletal injuries. Minor cuts, burns and scars are often the subject of their reports and they always consider any psychological impact and accident or injury may of had on the Claimant.


They are aware of the need to identify the range of injuries suffered by a Claimant and document the effect on that individual, while providing a clear and understandable opinion and prognosis on their recovery.


Where they feel an individual will benefit from further investigations or treatment they will recommend this as appropriate.


Where they identify an injury or issue, which is beyond their experience and thus does not allow them to provide an opinion and prognosis they will suggest the appropriate expert to whom the Claimant ought to be directed.


They can provide reports with or without access to the Claimant’s records, although it is normally beneficial for those to be provided.


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