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Personal Injury Work

Personal injury work represents one of the core services of all three doctors provide personal injury reports. Considerable time was spent in devising a system to ensure that all the relevant details are covered. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive report that is accurate and provides all the relevant details to the claimants lawyer whilst at the same time answering all the questions that the third part insurers may raise.

We tend to specialise in dealing with soft tissue injuries and minor fractures. This includes whiplash neck and back injuries. Appointments are usually readily available and our aim is to complete reports with a maximum of three months from the time of receiving instructions providing the client and their medical records (if required) are available.

A recent audit showed that we actually completed reports in 90% of cases within eight weeks.

As GPs we are used to seeing people in the aftermath of minor to moderate injuries. We have a particularly good understanding of the moderately intrusive symptoms that people often have long after they have been discharged from hospital out patient clinics or casualty. An example of this would be simple ankle sprains that are usually discharged from the hospital relatively rapidly but our experience shows that the majority of people with ankle sprains have intrusive symptoms for on average several months even once they are back at work.

As generalists, practising GPs we are used to dealing with people who have multiple problems. The advantage of our general background is that we are used to dealing with people who have a wide variety of problems often with multiple problems. Therefore in injury scenarios we are able to understand the interplay between the clients ongoing medical conditions and the various injuries. This allows us to give good advice if there is a need to discuss the affects of ongoing conditions and provide advice and guidance on acceleration of existing conditions or limitations placed on the client by a previous medical health issue. We also deal with the psychological effects of injury and illness everyday.

A lot of our work showed that 7% of the clients we saw who had been involved in car accidents had previously unrecognised significant intrusive anxiety problems. This varied from moderately intrusive travel or driving anxiety to full blow post traumatic stress disorder. 

We are available in a number of geographic areas. We try to enhance patient care and have good links with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths for those clients who need active manual therapies to speed up their recovery. We are also able to provide advice and if required a range of relevant imaging (x-rays, MRI scans, ultra sound scans) for those patients who have ongoing problems that need further investigations.