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Why Use Us?
1 - Efficiency in completing the reports > Read more
2 - Experienced and knowledgeable experts > Read more
3 - Balanced reports > Read more
4 - Appointment availability > Read more
5 - Comprehensive reports > Read more
6 - A quick and efficient response to queries > Read more
7 - Competitive prices > Read more
8 - Attractive payment terms > Read more
9 - Response times > Read more

| Efficiency in completing the reports

We would normally expect to complete the reports within two to three weeks of seeing the client. Our target is eight weeks and from instructions to the completed report we have a maximum of three months to allow for holiday periods.

| Experienced and knowledgeable experts

| Balanced reports

Our reports have constantly been complimented by both claimants solicitors and insurance companies for the balanced nature of the report and the clarity of the Prognosis / Opinion. Our aim is to provide a report that allows both parties to feel comfortable in moving matters forward.

| Appointment Availability

Usually appointments are available within four weeks from receiving the instructing communication.

| Comprehensive reports

Every client has a full bio/psycho social assessment. This process begins with the clients receiving a detailed questionnaire to complete to ensure that all the details are collected.

| A quick and efficient response to queries

Our aim is to deal with all queries within four weeks at the most. We set a target of two weeks and a standard of completing 80% of queries within that time scale. 

| Competitive prices

We believe our prices for reports compare favourably with other providers. 

| Payment terms

We offer attractive payment terms for regular customers. For one off reports, we ask for prompt payment.

| Response times

If client and records are available reports are completed within a maximum of three months from  receipt of instructions. This is a maximum deadline. We target 90% within eight weeks. A recent audit suggested that 91% of reports went out within 6-8 weeks.

In general where there is urgency we can virtually always between the three experts meet any deadline in a special cases. On one occasion going to visit a client in a prison in a case where it was realised that the limitation period for the claim ran out in two days.

We have a deadline to have all reports completed within three weeks of seeing the client, with a target of 90% within two working weeks.

We have a deadline to complete queries within four weeks and a target of 90% within two weeks

An audit in February 2008 demonstrated we hit all of our targets.